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Author Dale Perelman explores two famous diamonds and their bloody trail as they were handed down from one owner to another and from one generation to the next. The rich history of these two gems is showcased in his two stunning publications, The Regent and Mountain of Light.

Centenarians tells the intriguing stories of one-hundred remarkable people who lived beyond 100 years.

The Regent has been an object of violence, greed, burglary and love, earning a place as France’s most famous diamond.

Mountain of Light tells the mysterious history of The Koh-I-Noor, a diamond discovered in the 14th century with a rich and gory past as it has transferred from the hands of Rajahs, Moguls, Afghanis, Sikhs and lastly the British. Men fought over it, for they believed it was a gift from Gods, but it held a curse, causing death or misfortune.

Centenarians author Dale Perelman offers an array of 100 biographies of famous and near-famous people who lived beyond a century.

Steel portrays the growth of the iron and steel industry in smoke-filled Pittsburgh during the 19th century.

Road to Rust portrays the rise and fall of the steel manufacturing industry in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio during the Twentieth Century – told primarily from a labor relations standpoint, highlighting the violent battles for unionization.

New Castle’s Kadunce Murders reports the true-crime brutal murder of a mother and child by a serial killer and a Satanist. The three trials provoke lots of questions and surprises.

The Scottish Rite Cathedral presents dozens of pictures and the Masonic history of this amazing building.

Road to Rust: The Disintegration of the Steel Industry in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio The author of Steel tells the story of strikes and violent unrest amid the mines and mills of twentieth-century Pennsylvania and Ohio

New Castle’s Kadunce Murders In the summer of 1978, a mother and her four-year-old were stabbed to death in the quiet town of New Castle.

Death at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles (True Crime) Built during Los Angeles’s rapid growth in the Roaring Twenties, the Beaux Arts-style Cecil Hotel was briefly a glimmering downtown landmark until it became one of the most infamous sites of violence and murder in the country.

Chuck Tanner and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mr. Sunshine led the Pittsburgh Pirates to a World Series victory in 1979.