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The Regent


Vast images of ages past

Shine through its pure white light

What secrets would the Regent cast,

if only stones could write


The Regent Diamond has been bought and sold, stolen and pawned.

First discovered in a mine in India in 1701, this remarkable gem has passed from hand to hand, from family to family, from country to country and from setting to setting.

It has been owned by the.....

Mountain of Light

Diamonds represent the greatest symbols of wealth. Many men covet those treasures, and many lives are lost in search of their riches.

The Koh-I-Noor is India’s oldest and most famous diamond. Mountain of Light traces history and legend surrounding the Koh-I-Noor through the court of Shah Baber, founder of the Mogul Empire during the sixteenth century, to its present location in the Tower of London.

The ancients called the Koh-I-Noor a gift from the Gods, a symbol than any ruler.....


“People are living longer nowadays, which is great. And it appears that more and more people are achieving the centenarian stage of their lives. If you don’t believe me, just ask Willard Scott.”  Bob Hope

 For centuries, kings and rulers spent a fortune for alchemists to develop the elixir of life. The effort proved futile.

 People who reach the age of 100 are rare and subject to awe.

 The centenarians highlighted in this wonderful book are noted only for the.....


Steel portrays the growth of the iron and steel industry in smoke-filled Pittsburgh during the 19th century. This fast-paced saga tells the story of millionaire titans Andrew Carnegie, Ben Franklin Jones, Henry Clay Frick, Henry Phipps, Henry Oliver, and Charles Schwab – strong-willed men who often schemed against each other – yet united to halt the union activity of their underpaid and undervalued workforce. The juxtaposition of the haves and have-nots led to bloody battles across Western Pennsylvania’s plants, mines,.....